FilmFest offers an exciting opportunity for you to uplift your community through the power of media


With a donation of $100, a church, non-profit, or individual will recive the Upstream FilmFest media bundle, offering critical tools for transmitting the Culture of Life to your members and the public:

  • The award-winning pro-life short film “Crescendo,” including a special message by executive producer Patti Mallette (who carried her son Justin Bieber to term in a crisis pregnancy center).
  • The powerful short film “Sing A Little Louder,” which tells the true story of Christians who were indifferent to the Holocaust, and connects that sad fact to today’s threats to human dignity (abortion, jihad persecution of Christians, et al).
  • Catch, a beautiful feature film by David Henrie about the critical importance of fathers.
  • A signed copy of The Race to Save Our Century, a brilliant intellectual analysis of the Culture of Death and how to debunk the evil arguments underpinning it—endorsed by Mike Huckabee, Eric Metaxas, and Patrick Buchanan.
  • An unlimited license for 2016 to show any of these three films in fundraisers and awareness campaigns, uplifting a Culture of Life during this crucial election year.

We hope you join us in using these two incredible short films to uplift your community