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Can you imagine doing something that changes the world?

Crescendo already has, and will continue to move the culture toward welcoming and cherishing human life. It has won more than 20 major film festival awards, been seen by hundreds of thousands around the world, and gotten featured on major TV shows, including Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, and Ellen.

This powerful historical short film tells the story of one of the most important unplanned pregnancies in history — and with searing honesty depicts the struggle of the mother in the face of domestic violence and existential despair. It shows that hope can grow in the most unexpected of places, and that any child can grow up to accomplish something unforgettable.

This film started just as small and with just as fragile a chance for success. It was the vision of three filmmakers, who were determined to create a movie that would play across cultures and endure through the decades. They set out to make a “classic,” but they had to raise all the money themselves.

They did, thanks to donors like you, and the result has been amazing. Through Movie to Movement, Crescendo played at events across the continent, and raised more than $6 million for crisis pregnancy centers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The film was boosted by the crucial help of Executive Producer Patti Mallette, who carried her son Justin Bieber while she lived at a crisis pregnancy center.

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